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Scale, prune and decapitate gigantic ogres in Extinction


A desperate human race pushed to the brink of extinction. Enormous man-eating giants loom just outside the massive walls of the last surviving cities, and their only weakness is decapitation, or at least a sharp blade across the nape of their neck. Such death-blows can only be delivered by high-flying, acrobatic, sword-wielding warriors – our species’ last line of defence.

No, it’s not Attack On Titan. It’s Extinction [official site], the completely unrelated upcoming giant-slaying action game from current Killer Instinct developers Iron Galaxy Studios. While first announced a few months back, you can see a shiny new gameplay trailer after the jump.

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Death To Spies 3 Reborn As Alekhine’s Gun Next Week

Hitman-y stealth-action with a Russian during the Cold War sounds a lark, but Death to Spies 3 didn’t inspire enough to loosen purse strings and ended up failing two crowdfunding campaigns. However, creators Haggard Games did draw the attention of publishers to help get it out. Now named Alekhine’s Gun [official site], the game will finally launch on Friday, March 11th. Yes, the very same day as the episodic new actual Hitman starts.

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