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Hitting Its Targets: The First-Person Observer

New Black Box Recorder! Go to their MySpace! DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD? HOW ABOUT EUTHANASIA. I love them so.

Since it’s been pointed out by a whole load of people, I was going to Sunday Papers this, but it’s just too good to bury. While not the funniest thing I read about videogames today, The First Person Observer left me with considerably more goodwill towards my fellow humans. The Onion model of satire on videogames has been tried before, of course… but rarely has it hit its targets this well. Even all the headlines made me at least smirk, which is more than The Onion has managed for years. The work of Christopher Livingston, I suggest you read it with your eyes and comprehend it with your mind, via this link. Or, if you prefer, this one. But not this.