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Wot I Think: 1996 Electronic Dream Phone

Oh god. This is going to take considerable amounts of wine.

So there’s this bit in Gone Home, in your younger sister’s closet, where you find a copy of a game called “Got Your Number!” It’s based on a real world game called Electronic Dream Phone. No, it really is. Cara found a copy. And played it. For science.

Dear diary: today I played 1996 Electronic Dream Phone for 1-4 players with some friends and some older guy who let us use his living room! It was like, super fetch (note to self: is ‘fetch’ happening?). It’s a game sort of a like a shit Cluedo, only instead of murderers there are twenty four boys and no weapons. Diary, who made this game? ED KEY????!!! Unless you count the Electronic Dream Phone itself as a weapon, which I have been considering, and I think I could probably bludgeon a small mammal to death with it if I needed to.

The idea is that you get three boys in your hand (eyooo!) and then you take turns to call them individually on the Phone, picking up extra boys as you discard the last ones. The boys on the phone give you a clue as to which boys do not fancy you. There is only one guy who fancies all of the ‘players’. It is a process of elimination to find out who this slutly stud is. The first person to guess correctly and call the guy in question wins. I played this game on two different occasions and on both the phone’s technology was too primitive to let us finish the game. Sniff. Technology. Read the rest of this entry »