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Hands On: Star Trek Online

As I mentioned earlier, I spent a lot of the weekend at the MCM Expo. I eventually managed to tear myself away from my table and go looking for electro-entertainment. Alas, mainly console – or console versions of PC games we’ve already covered like Borderlands. And Assassin’s Creed 2, which I would have looked at, but I was scared away by the Marge Simpson cosplayer who looks as if they’d peeled Marge and was wearing her yellow skin as a skin-suit ala Silence Of the Lamb’s Buffalo Bill. However, Star Trek Online was there, and I spent some time getting familiar with what Cryptic have been up to…
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MCM Expo This Weekend. Some Games.

It’s the MCM Expo at the Excel center this weekend. It’s a generalist geek-media show where 20,000 people or so descend to gape at actors on American shows and give each other free hugs while dressed as characters from Dragon Ball Z or – in one memorable occasional last year – nazi teddy bears. There’s also some games content. It’s mainly console stuff generally, but there’s hands on access on to. The actual page doesn’t seem particularly up to date, but scanning press releases, the big draws for RPS readers would be Borderlands and Assassin’s Creed 2. Tickets can be got on the door for ten quid (5 for 11-14s, free beneath). And relevantly, I’m there in my dual-class capacity as a comic writer in the comic village, so do come and say Hi if you’re around. If you do it quickly, I won’t even have a chance to try and sell my nonsense to you.

The Cosplay Of Doing Business: The MCM Expo

This is late on Sunday, so it is bloody quiet. Behind us.
As anyone who saw my cheery nervous breakdown/The Sunday Papers will know, I was at the MCM Expo yesterday, as part of my other life. It’s a London pop-culture convention where about 20,000 people cram into East-London’s ExCel to give each other free hugs (Actually, post Swine-flu and meme-aging, Free-Huggage seemed to be thankfully down). Its subtitle is “Movie/Comics/Media”. It generally leans heavily towards major sci-fi franchises and anime/manga. When I’ve been a guest I’ve shared the Green room with all sorts of people from Heroes and Battlestar Galactica, who I had no idea who they actually were, not having watched either. But Bubs from the Wire was there once. Man! Er… but, while it’s peripheral to the occasion, there is some signs of PC-related stuff to talk about. And in a break from standing at our table and making threatening gestures at Marc Ellerby across the row, I went to have a nose at them.
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