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That Was Fast: Crawl, NIKO, 48 Others Greenlit

What Steam Greenlight will look like if it becomes overly bloated with subpar approvals, basically

Seems like only yesterday that we were posting about Crawl’s spiffy new hot-pink-emblazoned Steam Greenlight page, and that’s because it was. In what has to be some kind of record, it’s already emerged from Valve’s crowd-run dungeon with keys to the Steam kingdom in hand. Why, before you know it, Crawl will probably be learning to drive, graduating from college, and serving minimal time for its first white collar crime. They grow up so fast. Other standouts from this week’s 50-strong Greenlight selection include NIKO: Through The Dream and open-world horror-thon Memories of A Fisherman.

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Memories Of A Fisherman Is Open-World Horror

Horror – good horror – is really, really hard. It’s the setup equivalent of juggling countless chainsaws (or chainsaw rooms, as it were) while cradling an equal number of squalling infants. Everything must be perfectly orchestrated, or else the end result will most certainly not be pretty. That, then, is why most horror games are largely linear – elaborate haunted houses that ooze creeping dread and digitized plasma, so long as they stay on rails. But what happens if there are no rails to begin with? That’s the question Memories of a Fisherman is asking, and I’m quite interested in discovering the answer. The open-world horror tale is littered with flecks of Amnesia, Skyrim, and Dear Esther, and – though it’s still quite early – I like the sound of where it’s headed.

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