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Exploration And Reflection In Minkomora

I may read readme files but I don’t read video game manuals. What kind of a rube do you take me for? However, I made an exception for Minkomora [official site] and I urge you to as well.

It’s a gentle free game about exploring a hand-drawn world filled with varied places and characters doing their own thing. That’s nice, y’know, but then I followed the urging to read its manual and oh! what a lovely thing! I over-use “lovely” but it’s a warm, caring game encouraging self-reflection. I am reminded, narcissistically, of my time with Dark Souls Nites.

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S.EXE: Merritt Kopas On Porn, Pain, And Power

This week’s S.EXE entry is an interview with a person who speaks and writes regularly about sex in games and who has made games about relationships along the way. I first became aware of the multimedia artist & game designer Merritt Kopas through her shrewd skewering of games on the website Nightmare Mode, for which I was also writing at the time. The website has since passed away into cyberspace heaven, the archives of which are here, but Merritt has grown as a designer and game theorist in an inspiring way since we went down our separate paths, making games such as Lim, Consensual Torture Simulator, and Positive Space.

She started up the curation site Forest Ambassador [disclosure, my sex game Sacrilege also appears on this site] to “showcase a wide range of accessible, free games for nontraditional audiences”. She now speaks regularly on the intersection of bodies, sex, and violence at game conferences, and recently spoke at the Feminist Porn Conference about sex in games. Paolo Pedercini says of Merritt Kopas: “as mutant practitioner-theorist, [she] managed to contaminate the living gaming discourse, emerging as a powerful and yet nuanced voice in the indie movement”. I asked her about her work and outlook.

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Piles Of Smiles: HUGPUNX

HUGPUNX is a sly, heart-fluttering wink in videogame form. It’s not long at all, but who cares? There’s enough 60-hour epics in the world to last us 60 million years. This one comes from Merritt Kopas (she of the powerfully minimal Lim and countless other bits of brilliance), and it’s quite overtly inspired by PUNKSNOTDEAD. Difference is, where developer mooosh wrapped himself in entrails and screamed raw fury, HUGPUNX dispenses, well, hugs. The more people (and kitties!) you wrap in your prancing gumball embrace, the more gorgeous the landscape grows. Consider this a free, no-strings-attached smile. Just play it. Be happy for a bit.

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