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Betacritic: Valve Adds Community-Powered Steam Reviews

Everyone's a critic. No seriously, pretty much everyone is inherently critical of at least a few things. Now, very, very, very few people are actually good critics, but that's an entirely different discussion for another time. Point is, user review systems are now built into everything from Amazon to the walls of most public bathrooms (kinda), so Steam is following suit. Soon, you'll be able to…

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Let’s Address Some Portal 2 Nonsense

There's are some extremely strange bits and pieces flying around about Valve and Portal 2 today, all over the place, and perhaps best summed up by the cavalcade of nonsense being posted on Metacritic by confused disgruntled gamers (and presumably quite a few trolls). The main contentions:1) Portal 2 is 4 hours long 2) There's Day 1 DLC 3) It's a console port 4) The…

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Not A Man, A Number: Metacritic Rates Devs

If it exists, it must have a number stuck to it: this is the Metacritic way. Its voracious maw of review aggregation has now expanded to include individual developers - which means actual people are now being given a personal numerical rating. This is an average number (out of 100) based on the various reviews of games they've worked on. I must confess I find…

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