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Available And Demoed: Metal Drift

When the human race finally leaves the Earth to live as gaseous nano-clouds amid the stars, our supermarket trolleys will reveal their hidden sentience and rebuild themselves as a race of gladiatorial destructo-borgs. This, you understand, is not the back story to Metal Drift. It should be. I certainly experience metal drift with most of the trolleys I end up wrestling round Asda as we…

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Drift To Experience: Metal Drift

One thing which ensures we'll post your game is if you have an awesome name. In fact, even if for a second we think you have an awesome name. So when Brian Ramage mailed us, I got all excited thinking he was called BRIAN RAMPAGE. But he's not. Momentary sad-face, turning smiling when you realise he's here to tell about a soon-to-be-released-game-on-Steam. It's a multiplayer-hover-craft…

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