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A Goddess Reborn

You may have noticed we’ve been frothing uncontrollably about Valve games for the last couple of weeks (actually, we’re in complete control of our froth, thank you very much. What’s that? Yes, I know there’s drool on my chin. I just like the look, alright?). You may also have noticed that there’s one component of The Orange Box that we haven’t yet talked about much (we shall soon, don’t worry). For a lot of people, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 is the vanguard of Valve’s latest box of delights. To help them cope with the sweating and shivering and crying caused by having to wait another eight agonising days yet for more singleplayer Half-Life action, I can confidently prescribe Minerva: Metastasis.

If you’re already familiar with it, then all you need to know is that the third (well, third and fourth, sorta) part’s out, it’s comfortably the best yet, and you should go play it right away. If you’ve never heard of it, then pray follow me into my word parlour.
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