Go Team! Part Two: The Medic


Yeah, seriously. I’ll get to you. I’m talking.

The sensual hands of a healer.

There’s many of reasons why people become a medic in a first-person shooter. They’re especially true in TF2.

For me, there’s two big ones. I’m sure there’s some people who do the healing thing out of pure altruism. Hell, there may even be pacifist players out there, who doesn’t believe in ultra-violence even when it’s as slapstick as a paint-balloon. There’s certainly some who enjoy being that go-getting team player – not true altruism, but the pleasure of being a cog in a well-oiled machine. In the case of Team Fortress 2, someone will be attracted to the clinically-dry persona of the Teutonic Medic, half-way between a Nazi Evil ( not mad) Scientist and the voice in a GPS guidance system. You may even just pick it by accident. But not me. Here’s why I play the medic more than anything else…

1) I don’t need to shoot straight.
2) I like to win.

Let me explain.

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