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Feature: A very serious article

Micro transactions in Hearthstone: the last word

This article is not about microtransactions (that is, buying virtual products with small payments) within the game of Hearthstone. It is, in fact, an article about micro transactions; specifically, it's about how the various characters from Hearthstone would react to the initiation of transactions involving very small amounts of money, according to me and my mate Trevar. Micro transactions in the real world are situations…

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Eek: EVE’s Clothing And Cash Crisis

There's high drama in the spacey world of Eve Online this week. Well, there's always high drama in the spacey world of Eve Online, but this one's proving especially clamour-inducing. It hinges on the fact that CCP have just introduced a third virtual currency to the game. In addition to standard ISK and the exchangeable gametime credit known as PLEX (perhaps not technically a second…

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