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Might & Magic Showdown shutting down

Might & Magic Showdown [official site], Ubisoft's faux-tabletop wargame where players can paint their own miniature warmen, will shut down without even leaving early access. Fraser Brown said it was a lovely painting tool handcuffed to a rubbo game, so this isn't much of a surprise. Ubisoft have already pulled the game from sale and will shut down the servers on July 31st, making the…

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Feature: A great paintjob on an old clunker

Might & Magic Showdown is a great painting tool but a dull game

Might & Magic Showdown [official site] has popped into existence at a serendipitous time, while I’ve started to crave the delights of painting striking plastic and metal miniatures before sending them into battle. Seeing as how the past has made it clear I don’t really have the patience for it – nor the time, now – the prospect of having a digital suite to make…

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Might & Magic Showdown lets you paint your champs

The trailer for the new Might & Magic Showdown [official site] is either the most unabashed celebration of childhood nerdiness or a sly reminder of our collective arrested development. I’m going with the former, because I am a giant smiling child. Incidentally, this magical battling arena is now early accessible, and most importantly, there’s also a free standalone game called the Paint Workshop that lets…

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