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Twelve Minute Shudder: Entropia Universe

On the unlikely chance you're familiar with Sci-Fi MMOG Entropia Universe, it's probably because of the record-breaking prices achieved by its virtual sales. Reading about these figures is a lot like coming under artillery fire but with numbers instead of shells.All of the following figures are in US dollars. Entropia Universe launched in 2003, and in 2004 the developers created a huge island complete with…

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Cash Money: Planet Calypso

It seems the guys behind real-money economy MMO Project Entropia have relaunched their science fiction colonist game world as Planet Calypso, this time powered by CryTek's CryEngine 2. Of course it's free to sign up and download, but the money you get in the game world will be largely dependent on the cash you put into it yourself. That said, there should be ways and…

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