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For A Song: MirrorMoon EP Expands, On Sale


To coincide with a week-long Steam sale, the enigmatic MirrorMoon EP has expanded its repertoire of planetary structures, adding objects that pay homage to various games, including Kentucky Route Zero and Gone Home. It’s entirely possible that I made a huge mistake when I allowed this one to slip off the frighteningly extensive list of games that I intend to play. I did noodle around with the prototype, which introduced the puzzling concept hinted at in the game’s title, but have only visited the full release a couple of times. It reminds me somewhat of Starseed Pilgrim, in that it lacks guidance or instruction but is constructed around concepts of puzzle and play rather than being a ‘go for a walk’ experience. The game is currently £4.19 through Steam, a 40% discount that firmly plants it in actual EP territory.

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The Blind Night: Discovering MirrorMoon EP

This is the latest in the series of articles about the art technology of games, in collaboration with the particularly handsome Dead End Thrills.

The most baffling thing about my favourite game in recent yonks, MirrorMoon EP, is that its creators haven’t played Mercenary. Or Driller, Captain Blood, or any other those great computer games it so resembles. That the likeness is accidental is one thing, that it finds meaning in the game’s title and events another. On a strange planet in an unknown universe in what never seems less than a dream, your eyes keep returning to the MirrorMoon, a distant, identical world. Activating a series of strange relics and beacons, you build a bridge between the moons and start to walk across. As you approach the halfway mark, perhaps to meet a MirrorYou, the ‘dream’ is engulfed in light and back to your cockpit you go. Well, someone’s cockpit.
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Fly Me To The: MirrorMoon Is Smart, Mysterious, In Beta

Developer Santa Ragione has traded pseudo-Mirror’s-Edge-ish psychedelic sprints for meandering, contemplative exploration, and the result looks positively haunting in the best way possible. MirrorMoon EP (which John saw a bit of during GDC’s Experimental Gameplay Workshop) is a game about the intrigues of planetary exploration, a stark galaxy pregnant with secrets. MirrorMoon spans thousands of star systems, each with their own puzzles, artifacts, and sleeping structures. The twist, however, is that it’s all multiplayer, and here’s the crazy part: “The multiplayer part of MirrorMoon EP lets players share Galaxy Maps with other players: the first explorers to land on a planet will be able to name its Star System and that name will be forever bound to the star for every other player.”

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