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A Moratorium On Cutscenes

So I was having a chat with one of RPS' chums on MSN. We were talking about cutscenes in games. I was moaning, then:Quinns says: Once upon a time cutscenes were fabulous things. I ached for the CG because it was so beautiful seeing those sprites being brought to life as full 3D models.And was that where the games industry got hooked on cutscenes? I…

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Beating The BioClock

Steam are still claiming that pre-purchasing BioShock via their system will allow you to"play the moment it's released."Which is not true. What they mean is,"The moment it's released on Steam, which is many hours later."The game is officially released tomorrow morning in the UK, with most stores naturally opening at 9am. Steam, with the exception of further jiggery-pokery to their countdown clock, will be releasing…

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