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Puzzle through a beautiful home with an owl friend in the demo for When The Past Was Around

There’s something not quite right with your companion in When The Past Was Around. But it would be terribly rude to point out that your companion is made of shadows, so I suppose you’d better figure your way through the point and click puzzles in order to add back some colour and detail to them. Even if that does mean having to contend with the…

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Feature: Roguelikes, rogue-alikes, RPG-lites, and adventures alight!

Priceless Play – 1 June 2019

Happy June, Priceless Pals! We did it. We made it all the way to those summer months. Get out your picnic blankets, your Pimms fixings, and your complaints about the heat ASAP! I, for one, am stoked for all the games I plan to play late into the summer nights. I am also so stoked for when I realise that I definitely don't have the…

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Forest fairy tale She And The Light Bearer is out now

Part point-and-click adventure, part music album, part storybook, part poem, part fairy tale – She And The Light Bearer talks about blending a whole lot of things into one game. But above all else, is it ever pretty.Just look at the way the foliage moves and the light filters down from above in its trailer:

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