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Back To Ye Olde Future: Time Travel Knight

Apocalypses are just the darndest things, right? We always want them - I mean, who hasn't wished to see humdrum societal norms crumble to ash? - but then we get them and realize, "Oh yeah, apocalypse." The end of all things. No more wildly creative variations on the cheese sandwich or GIFs of kitties smooching puppies. Just desolation. Also kitties and puppies warring against each other…

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Where Is The Button For Love: Mechamom

Mechamom might just be the Surgeon Simulator of Molyjam 2013. It's another tale of horrifically destructive ineptitude, except there's a better reason for it this time around. See, you play as an ordinary mom who's just trying to shepherd her daughter through this mad morass we call life, but she's hit a bit of a snag. One day everything was normal, and the next she…

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Now With Real Molyneux Quotes: Molyjam 2 This Weekend

Game jams are majestic creatures of unbridled creativity that come in all shapes and sizes, but the original Molyjam might just have been one of the best. That, however, left Molyjam's organizers in a bit of a pickle: How do you top ideas born of an absurdly clever Peter Molyneux parody Twitter account? But then - presumably while sitting under an acorn tree that had…

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