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Now With Real Molyneux Quotes: Molyjam 2 This Weekend

What would a Molyneux deux if a Molyneux participated in Molyjam Deux?

Game jams are majestic creatures of unbridled creativity that come in all shapes and sizes, but the original Molyjam might just have been one of the best. That, however, left Molyjam’s organizers in a bit of a pickle: How do you top ideas born of an absurdly clever Peter Molyneux parody Twitter account? But then – presumably while sitting under an acorn tree that had taught countless passersby how to love – they were struck with inspiration: why not just go back to the original source? So instead of asking “What would Molydeux,” this year’s jam actually focuses on good old Molyneux himself. His quotes, his promises, your games.

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End Of The Beginning: Nebulous Hero’s Ace… Tutorial?

Nothing to see here.

Nebulous Hero is one of the Molyjam games I actually had the pleasure of sharing a building with. Granted, this building also contained hundreds of other developers grinding their bones and brains to make bread for the collective Molyjam table, so I sadly never had the chance to take it for a test drive. During the end-of-show presentation, though, it may very well have been the coolest thing I saw. In short, the tutorial comes after the credits. So you start off by playing a traditional hop ‘n’ bop platformer, and then… well, let’s just say it’s not. It’s really, really not. I don’t want to spoil it, but – for those of you without the time or means to experience this bite-sized piece of brilliance – I’ve posted a screenshot that sums it up after the break.

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Rambo: Last Blood Is The Silliest Thing

Rambo plus Limbo... still equals Rambo.
Rambo is known for a lot of things. The grand majority of them, however, are “being a half-man, half-gorilla, half-mountain, half-American-pick-up-truck (he is large enough to fit many halves) with no shirt, all of the ammo, and nothing to lose.” The short version? He kills people. And beyond the first movie, it doesn’t actually get much longer than that. So, naturally, Rambo: Last Blood is a puzzle game about hugging. To say precisely why would spoil a couple choice jokes, but the game’s basically a giant, aching 15-minute-long grin, so you’ll find out soon enough. Unsurprisingly, this one’s a Molyjam product, but creator Peter Javidpour’s keeping the Sylvester Stall-aaaaw-ne dream alive with at least one more update that’ll add two, er, existent endings. So go play it, and giggle knowingly. You’ve earned this.

SF Molyjam: A Tale Of Three Parkour Romances

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending San Francisco’s parody-Twitter-account-inspired Molyjam and pestering roughly a million developers with my inane questions. In between digging for such crucial details as the number of weapons in a game about invisible guns and whether there’d a happier DLC ending for a tale primarily focused on hurling oneself off a cliff, I watched countless off-the-wall ideas blossom into playable games. Truly amazing, however, was the amount of mileage different people – some of them not even professional game developers – got out of a single idea: romantic free-running.
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