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Claw, wing, and swim through Lost Ember’s forgotten world

By the time Lost Ember begins, humans have vanished. Something, or someone, mucked things up so completely that nothing but their sturdiest architecture survived. You play as a wolf exploring the ruins of humanity in a bid to understand the why and wherefore of it all. Accomplishing this means inhabiting the bodies of other creatures to uncover parts of the world beyond where your paws…

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Gorgeous Wolf Adventure Lost Ember Successfully Kickstarted

It's easy to overlook the beauty of nature when you're sitting inside writing about or playing games all day. Granted, I don't really go outside that much, but I do have a dog and I like pretty things, so I can appreciate how nice Lost Ember [official site] looks. Its reached its Kickstarter goal with 31 days to go still, so it's safe to say…

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Spark Up A Friendship With The Animals In Lost Ember

It’s Deus Ex Day, and the press is full of smog and people with knife-elbows. So here’s something to bring you back to nature. Lost Ember [official site] is an upcoming adventure that lets you walk in the paws of a possessive wolf. That is, a wolf who can possess other animals. He can leap into parrots and fly through the canopy, or dive into…

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