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Posts tagged “Morbidware”

Type your way through hell in The Textorcist, out now

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can banish the unholy spirits festering inside my mortal flesh. The Textorcist snuck out last night, offering couples across the world the chance to spend their Valentine's Day typing rude things at demons while dodging loads of ichor. I just dodged my share of ichor in the free demo, and can confirm that it is ichor…

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The Textorcist teaches combat typing skills in a pre-launch demo

I consider myself a decent typist, and better yet at dodging bullets in shmups. Today's demo for The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia taught me a painful lesson: I am ill-equipped to do both at once. Due out on this week on February 14th, players control exorcist-for-hire Ray Bibbia with the arrow keys, dodging bullets as you would in any bullet hell shmup. Unlike…

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The Textorcist is a bullet hell type ’em up

Sure you've touchtyped through zombie hordes in Typing Of The Dead, but are your fingers nimble enough to tap out exorcisms while dodging demonic bullet hell blasts? You'll get to find out in The Textorcist, an upcoming game which will have us both typing and dodging, dispelling demons with our fast fingers and hot feet. Mavis Beacon, eat your heart out.

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