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Mosh Pit Simulator’s space dinosaurs and boneless idiots


At one point, I found myself asking if animals have bones.

Sos Sosowski is a self-styled “mad scientist of video games”, so it is perhaps fitting that his latest game began, as so many scientific discoveries do, with a mistake. You may have seen the jiggling jelly-like naked men in the many gifs that have documented the development of Mosh Pit Simulator [official site], you may even have seen the glitching dinosaurs that appear to be in a constant state of mid-explosion, but behind all the madness there is a method. Last week, I met with Sosowski and he showed me the game behind the gifs.

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McPixel dev’s Mosh Pit Simulator is going to VR hell

Please understand that I am humourless. I have no patience for fun, jokes, japery, antics, shenanigans, tomfoolery, or banter. I’ve surgically served my face’s smiling muscles and developed a workout routine to pump the frowners. I am no fun.

And yet — mercy me! — I laugh like a drain watching snippets of Mosh Pit Simulator [official site]. It’s an upcoming VR game from McPixel developer Sos Sosowski, pushing bugs and glitches to the extreme as interfaces fall apart in your hands, flailing mannequins destroy a city, and a dinosaur warps and whips and trashes a kitchen. Read the rest of this entry »