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Mount Your Friends 3D swings out on Feb 23rd

Mount Your Friends 3D

The original Mount Your Friends is a thing of beauty. It has a bunch of modes, but in its purist form it’s a multiplayer game about getting near naked dudes to climb on top of your friends near naked dudes. Fail to clamber up to the top of the growing flesh mountain in 60 seconds and you’re out, usually to the sound of your mates shouting “waheeeey” as a misplaced swing sends you tumbling down to the bottom.

The schlongalicious stack’em up has cast off the chains inherent to a mere two dimensions, and is embracing a full three with its sequel. Mount Your Friends 3D: A Hard Man is Good to Climb (good grief) is out on Feb 23rd, and there’s a trailer below. 3D mounting looks like fun, though now I’m wondering what version of Mount Your Friends higher dimensional entities are playing.

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Mount Your Friends 3D is coming, avert your eyes!

Mount Your Friends 3D

The world’s premiere Simulated Sportslike Experience is returning, and this time it’s invading the third dimension. Marvel at preposterously pendulous dude-noodle once more, and navigate a heaving pile of beefy men to claim your throne atop the time-honored Mounting Goat.

Yep, it’s silly, wobbly, physics-driven multiplayer favourite Mount Your Friends again, and now with an extra dimension, and an even more amazing name, if you factor in the subtitle of ‘A Hard Man is Good to Climb’.

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Love On Top: Mount Your Friends Out Now On Steam

Scenes from the Rock, Paper, Shotgun documentary.

If a certain mixture of screenshake and sound effects can make a game feel Vlambeerian, I think it’s time we cemented clumsy, barely-controllable floppy-physics as Foddyan. Stegersaurus Software’s Mount Your Friends would be Fig. 1 alongside the dictionary definition – and I mean this as a strong compliment. It takes the button-per-limb style of QWOP or GIRP and transports it into something directly competitive.

This is how it works: one player climbs atop a platform, reaches beyond a goal line, and hits a button to fix themselves in place. Player two then has sixty seconds to climb on top of them and reach further before it’s back to player one to climb higher still and so on. In each turn, players are both climber and climbing frame. It’s comic, tense and finally available through Steam as of today. There’s a trailer and some hands-on thoughts below.

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Dongle-ing: Mount Your Friends Climbs Onto Greenlight

I feel so bad for this guy
Yesterday we posted about Boobjam, a boob-themed game jam, and there was some talk of a game jam to make games about John Thomases too. But have you noticed that immensely enjoyable, almost Bennett Foddyeseque schlong-swing climbing game* Mount Your Friends has appeared on Greenlight? No? Well that’s why I’m here! To tell you that. Specifically. Stegersaurus Games is trying to bring Mount Your Friends to PC, so we can mount it on our hard drives. Now with Safe For Work trailer! Read the rest of this entry »