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Hardland is a deeply weird world made entirely of unmarked quests

This is not a review of fantasy RPG Hardland, because I played for a few hours and, as far as I can remember, I only completed one quest. And it is all down to my deeply fallible memory, because the game doesn’t provide any direction to its players, up to and including a log or any kind of notes. Instead, I’m going to try to…

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Feature: Walky-Porky

Premature Evaluation: Hardland

Each week Marsh Davies gambols through the lush pastures of Early Access and comes back with any stories he can find and/or feeds some ham to a decapitated skeleton while dressed as a chicken. This week he’s been playing Hardland, an unusually gorgeous and imaginative ARPG set in a part-procedural bucolia of rolling hills and haunted forests. Having no head, much less a stomach, it’s…

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