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How To Play Games And Chat With The RPS Community

Get involved!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has one of the friendliest and most active games communities online, but it’s possible that you’ve never peeled back the mask of the frontpage to discover the forums, guilds and game groups that lie beyond.

If you’re intrigued and you’d like to join the forum, find people to play with, or chat with other RPS readers, read on for a guide to what’s happening and instructions on how to get involved.

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Idle Musing: The Fundamental Importance Of Voice

It’s mid-May and it’s raining outside. Someone I can’t see is making me laugh. These omens suggest that it is time to return to my Idle Musing column. Something else inspired this, too, which was last week’s Planetside 2 Call To Arms. I had intended to film the whole thing and then chop it up for YouTube commentary, but once I was on the Mumble voice server, I found myself running a platoon. Then I found myself marvelling at the effort the RPS guys had put in to the organisation of allowing players to communicate. There were dedicated radio operators in each squad. And then I was thinking about voice comms. And not doing any filming at all.

I suddenly realised how voice communications had invisibly underpinned a decade of the most incredible gaming experiences. This is a missive to their importance, the joy they brought.
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