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Posts tagged “Mundfish”

Here’s a new gameplay video for Soviet sci-fi RPG Atomic Heart with music by Mick Gordon

Creepy Soviet sci-fi romp Atomic Heart has been in the works for a while but it's still ticking away. A new seven minute gameplay video has protagonist P3 smashing and exterminating his way through a museum overrun by plant creatures and robot vacuums before eventually coming face-to-mace with a very spooky boss creature that'll smack ya right off your feet.

Surreal Russian immersive sim Atomic Heart reveals robotic resurrection bees and telekinesis

In the world of Atomic Heart, too many things have tendrils. They're on the computers. They dangle from the robotic resurrection bees. They're in your hand, squirming outwards in some heinous fashion that grants you telekinesis. Every peek we get into Mundfish's upcoming Russian immersive sim makes me want to get my squirming telekinesis hands on it sooner.The news comes courtesy of YouTuber Alexey Makarenkov,…

Atomic Heart trailer tours ten minutes of Soviet sci-fi strangeness

I've enjoyed the look of Atomic Heart since its announcement last year and after watching a new ten-minute gameplay video I'm glad to say yep, I still don't understand its whole 'strange Soviet sci-fi theme park turns into horrorhell' thing. That's good. This is a place I want to find strange and confusing at first, with its terrible medical robomannequins, its wee walking buzzsaws, its…

Atomic Heart teases a wild Soviet super-science ride

It's been a while since anyone has taken a solid shot at recapturing that original BioShock spark. Atomic Heart, an upcoming 'adventure FPS' from Moscow-based studio Mundfish might be in with a chance. Within, an elegantly cut trailer featuring at least four distinct brands of illicit super-science, rampaging robots, undead clowns and a horse made out of blood-tentacles.