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Wot I Think: Muv-Luv

The notes I took while playing Muv-Luv [official site], a 2003 adult visual novel that’s just been released in English, tell a story. They start out bemused. Despite knowing a chunk about the game beforehand, it’s clear I’m not entirely sure what I’m getting into, and the notes continue in that vein for a while as the story unfolds. For a while it’s clear that I’m being carried along, in a sense, by what’s happening. And then, bullet point by bullet point, they start getting shorter, sharper. Reading back through them, there is a very specific note at which everything goes downhill, and it just reads “ugghhhhhhh”.

Muv-Luv is gigantic. It’s sprawling. It’s full of surprises. It’s not very good at all.

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