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Posts tagged “My Brute”

My Brute: The RPS Dojo

This is about as pointless as an RPS post has ever got, but possibly amusing. I did a My Brute post last week which lead to everyone joining as my character's student. Which leads to my in-game dojo looking like this. I recommend clicking the link so you can see the computer have a little think as it fills in the 700-odd followers. That's you…

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Shameless Abuse of RPS Power: My Brute

My Brute has been nagging at the corners of my consciousness for a while now, but it was Simon Parkin who finally made me play. It's basically a perversely compulsive cross between Progress Quest and a Pyramid Scheme. You create your brute and then challenge people to fights, going up levels. You also gain XP by getting other people to join, which brings the Pyramid…

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