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Atari Shareholder Riot

Atari, look, we’re worried.


Atari US is in freefall, with share prices tumbling, and the company talking about lay-offs and cancelling projects. This week they announced a 2nd quarter loss of a whopping US$7.7m, and 15% has fallen off their share prices since the beginning of this week.

The already troubled publisher has been relying on the last of its licenses to stay afloat. Games like Neverwinter Nights 2 and Dungeons & Dragons Online come from their links with Wizards of the Coast. And despite The Witcher being almost unintelligible, it’s selling well enough to keep it in the charts. However, how long can they keep going while money flies out the windows like escaping wasps?

Here’s why we’re worried, though. In assuring that the Atari US collapse isn’t affecting Atari UK, the PR team assures them things are fine with “very exciting titles” to come. And they are?

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