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Fly In The House: Smash It Up Until There’s Nothing Left

The buzzing of a particularly obnoxious bluebottle can be an infuriating thing to have to put up with, but honestly I'm sure there are better flyswatting techniques than hurling literally all of your furniture in the direction of the offending insect.Nonetheless, that's the premise of Fly in the House [official site], which just came out on Steam.

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Katie, I’m Sorry I… What’s That Buzzing? Fly In The House

Gone Home's 'put back' command shows how much our character cares about the home she's exploring, the people whose things she's rummaging in. Why wouldn't she carefully replace her family photo? Explore-o game Fly In The House also embeds emotion in its controls, but it's more about wanting to kill a lousy fly buzzing around. It's a zany physics smash 'em up where you tear…

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