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Why Harvest Moon On PC Is A Great Thing

In a world where it sometimes seems that guns, girls and grit are the special of the day every day, a game which eschews all that for turnips, livestock and progress seems like an outlier. Who would buy a game where the tutorial is an entire in-game year?

PC gamers, that’s who. There’s plenty of room here for epic space battles with intricate economies and bucolic life simulators. Harvest Moon, a game created by Yasuhiro Wada as an antidote to the bustle of Japanese city life, has spent its entire life on Nintendo consoles (with the occasional foray onto Playstation), leaving a small but dedicated fandom in its wake. Now, the quiet, unassuming game is taking its first step – after nearly 20 years – onto PC.

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Harvest Moon: Seeds Of Memories Is Coming To PC

Farming simulators are no stranger to the PC, but our selection tends to favour combine harvesters over tender romance. Things change. The next Harvest Moon game, Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories [official site], has just been announced and it’s coming to PC. The above image and a single tweet is all we have so far – more will be shown at E3 – but it’s worth noting that a long-running and popular series is sowing its wild oats beyond its normal Nintendo home.

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