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The Spatialists: AureaSection Talk Naumachia

Last week we ran a video of an indie space combat game called Naumachia: Space Warfare. We got in touch with Italian developers AureaSection and Lorenzo Pasini agreed to answer some questions about the upcoming game. Some of you might already be familiar with the team’s work: they made Half-Life mod, The Specialists.
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Naumachia: Space Warfare

Quite a few of my fellow space-warriors have mailed us links to Naumachia: Space Warfare in the past few days. I’ve only just got around to watching the video, and crikey. You can check it out below. Anyway, it turns out that this indie space ’em up was properly unveiled at the Italian Videogame Developers Conference, which took place in Milan last week. It’s looking like some seriously pacey first-person space combat, and the visuals are bang on: fast, colourful, with the kind of vibrancy space combat seems to have been missing of late. Anyway, we’ll get in touch with the four man development team at AureaSection and see what they have to say for themselves. In the meantime, go see things explode.
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