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The Electronic Wireless Show – IGF Special #2: Politics

Hello, friends. Our podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show, returned last week to talk about science fiction in games with a trio of Independent Games Festival awards nominees. One of those interviewees (Brendon Chung of Quadrilateral Cowboy) went on to win dat big ol’ prize.

In the second episode of our IGF special, we talk to the makers of 1979 Revolution: Black Friday and Orwell about something called “politics”. You can find it below or stream it directly from Soundcloud. Read the rest of this entry »

Tales Of Tehran: 1979 Revolution – Black Friday

It is by some terrible coincidence that I am posting news of this Kickstarter campaign on the other Black Friday. As the other half of the title suggests, this isn’t a game about reduced prices and the terrifying reactions of people to those prices – this is a game about the Iranian Revolution. More specifically, it’s the first episode of a longer project, approximately two hours long and covering the events of September 8, when a failed curfew and the declaration of martial law brought death to the streets of Tehran. Using a “real photos, recordings and intelligence” and placing the player in the role of a photojournalist, the developers hope to explore the historical setting through meticulous recreations and “suspenseful and engaging gameplay”.

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