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Have Near Death Experience In Antarctica This Summer

Survival sim Near Death [official site] was first forecast back in the cold mornings of early May. Although not part of the newfangled survival genre as such, it will still see you trying to make it through the sub-zero temperatures of an abandoned Antarctic research station during the pole’s deadly months-long night. Weather will change and the cold can travel from room to room, we are told, making warmth a constant concern. And you’ll be able to freeze to death all you like from August 2nd, the developers have announced. Which is more or less the time when the south pole’s “night” ends and becomes “astronomical twilight”.

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Near Death Is A Survival Sim From The Novelist Devs

The Novelist was a thoughtful hands-off Poltergeist-meets-Gone Home-type endeavor, and Near Death [official site] marks a distinct change in direction for developers Orthogonal Games. Announced yesterday, the Californian outfit’s upcoming survival-a-thon pits you against the elements and is the result of the developer’s lifelong fascination with Antarctica. Come see it in motion after the drop.

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