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Need For Speed World Is Exhausting

Out of shot: a concrete wall.
Well, it IS also exciting if you like the idea of the high-speed chase-me chase-me game of cops and boy-racers spread across the world and shared among millions of players (for free). Need For Speed World recently celebrate a year of whizzing cars wot go fast, and the Gamescom trailer (below) shows off the enfreshened customisation options and the “birthday” Porsche, which I assume everyone received for being around for year. But who cares when all the cars are already so shiny and so soundtracked with electric pop music?

John was a bit unimpressed when he reviewed the game back in the depths of 2010, but perhaps it has changed in the intervening months. Anyone still playing it? Report!
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The Future Of Need For Speed

It’s been interesting to watch EA’s ongoing approach with the Need For Speed series over the past few years, and it now seems to be getting rather more complex. The past couple of generations of the series (it’s up to around a dozen games now) had each game delivered with a new “angle”, beyond simply being the next generation in the franchise, with ideas such as career structures, silly plots, realistic damage modeling, or open-world play. The last NFS game I played, Need For Speed Undercover, didn’t really seem to deliver any of these notions convincingly, so it’ll be interesting to see if the two-pronged reboot of Need For Speed: Shift and free racing MMO, Need For Speed: World Online, create something worth paying attention to, and breath new fumes into the series. Continued below…
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