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Pride And Falls: Neptune’s Pride Diary Part 6

The battle for galactic domination has been reduced to just a handful of titanic empires. Victory, however, hangs in the balance. Will exhaustion finally exact its toll on the generals of this epic war? If you’re enjoying these reports then EXCITINGLY SLOW SPACE WAR AWAITS YOU in Neptune’s Pride. You can also read a version of this diary over on PC Gamer.
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Pride And Falls: Neptune’s Pride Diary Part 4

Who will rule space? No Sponge, that’s for sure. But who else might take the crown? Could it be Graham’s exploding Empire? Or Jim’s embattled corner of space? Or the vast Empire of Quinns? Place your bets for part four… And maybe go sign up to Neptune’s Pride yourself. (PCG are also running a version of this diary, over yonder.)
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Pride And Falls: Neptune’s Pride Diary Part 2

We’ve been playing the epic browser-based strategy Neptune’s Pride, and marveling at its dark psychological potential. A mix of the galaxy’s finest generals, hand-picked from the slightly awkward ranks of the RPS and PC Gamer (whose coverage is here), would decide the fate of our pocket universe.

Read on for the second part of the battle, where there is no love to be made: only war.
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Pride And Falls: Neptune’s Pride Diary Part 1

Neptune’s Pride is an in-development slow-form browser-based strategy game from Iron Helmet games, currently in open beta. You can play it now. Over a period of a month or so, we did just that, with intriguing consequences. We’ve joined forces with PC Gamer (who are also posting this diary here) to bring you the full story of what happened…

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Battle Klaxon: Neptune’s Pride Before A Fall

I almost edited this screenshot to remove important data from it. That's bloody Neptune's Pride.

The RPS battle of Neptune’s Pride treads steadily on. We’re reaching that late-1917 in WW1 period of exhaustion, and we’re still trying to work out how we’re going to write it up. However, to get a taste for it, here’s Quinns writing about it for Game Set Watch. He sums up the game so…

Neptune’s Pride is a game of two things:

#1: Intergalactic War
#2: Being a jerk

He’s not entirely wrong. Read more here.

Irrational Pride: Neptune’s Pride Beta

I haven’t played this yet – though I’ve just signed up – but this beta interests me in a couple of ways. Firstly, it’s by a new developer founded by ex-Irrationalite (i.e. Freedom Force, Swat, Bioshock, etc) Jay Kyburz with fellow Irrationalites. It seems I like writing “Irrationalites”. Secondly, it may be the closest thing I’ve seen to what I wished for at the end of my Travian piece back in the day – diplomacy-heavy, low-maintenance, smaller-player-numbers strategy game you can slide into your day. Neptune’s Pride is a online-only space-empire game. It’s been in development for 4 months, but is already is functional and in open Beta. There’s a video below which shows the basics, but you’d be better going to look around the site.
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