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Heretic/Quake/Unreal blend Amid Evil hits early access

Amid Evil

The retro FPS renaissance is in full swing. Whether spurred by the seemingly immortal Doom modding scene, Id’s own franchise reboot or just an audience hungry for something fresh after a glut of overly-similar ‘tactical’ FPS’s, there are a growing number of old-school shooters featuring swarms of monsters, an absence of regenerating health bars and a focus on speed and mobility as survival tactics rather than diving behind cover and waiting for an opportunity to return fire.

The latest on the block is Amid Evil, a high-fantasy FPS by a Indefatigable, a team of former Doom modders. I played through the current early access build of the game (which officially launches today) over the weekend, and have some thoughts on this pleasant blend of old-school aesthetics and cutting-edge technology.

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DUSK is a delicious cocktail of nineties shooters


A lot of people are comparing DUSK to Quake. They’re not wrong to do that; there are enough brown polygons and chunky weapons to bring back memories of nailguns, ogres and Trent Reznor’s ominous drones.

My mind turned to Blood though. DUSK begins with b-movie horror tropes as chainsaws whirr and cultists shriek threats, and from there it takes a tour through pretty much the whole of nineties shooters, as I remember them.

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Retro FPS Dusk strafes into early access


Here’s a (partial) list of the things that explode in the early access trailer for David Szymanski’s retro FPS Dusk: demonic cattle, soldiers, cultists, wizards, skeletal moose and a zombie ghost farmer. As in, a farmer that looks like a zombie ghost – I’m not sure what he spends his time farming. Souls, probably.

Dusk released on early access last night. Dominic Tarason reports that the preview builds he’s played have excelled at scratching his old-school shooter itch, so this may well be one worth checking out.

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Grungy retro FPS Dusk hits Early Access on January 11th


Update: To clarify, if you buy the game now you’ll receive access to episode 1 & 2 immediately, although the episode 2 launch isn’t officially happening until January 11th, when everything moves to Early Access.

Between Devil Daggers, Strafe, and the seeming eternal renaissance of Quake & Doom modding, it feels like gaming as a whole has come to terms with the idea that 90s FPS design wasn’t an evolutionary point that we’ve moved past so much as its own genre, which many are still experimenting with to this day.

One of the most promising of this fresh wave of neo-retro shooters is Dusk from solo developer David Szymanski and published by New Blood Interactive. The game had already impressed many critics with its first episode (available to play now if you preorder), and as of January 11th, the second act of the game will officially launch as the game transitions into Early Access.

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Amid Evil heretically adds to the retro FPS renaissance

Amid Evil

We reported on the announcement of pointedly retro FPS Amid Evil a few weeks ago. This week, publisher New Blood Interactive let me play an early preview demo and, after a couple runs through the handful of levels included, I’m eager to share my thoughts on the game thus far. You can also watch a generous helping of gameplay footage below.

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Amid Evil aims to be a spiritual successor to Heretic

Amid Evil

As the years pass, we find ourselves wiser every day, sliding ever-closer to absolute truth. Given the time to reflect, and perspective to offer clarity, surely we can all finally agree on one thing: Heretic was a way better fantasy FPS than Hexen.

Doom modders turned indies Indefatigable clearly agree, because their debut game, Amid Evil, looks very much like Raven’s 1994 fantasy FPS, albeit with a few more polygons and a little extra splatter. Take a look at the announcement trailer.

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