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Eavesdrop on past events in Unheard, out now

If you press your ear up against the keyhole, you’ll be able to eavesdrop on Unheard, the audio-based detective ‘em up that launched this week. Players can now spy on the recordings of past crimes to their heart’s content, or at least until they’ve unravelled the tangled waveforms from a set of apparently unrelated mysteries. Listen in to the trailer below.

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Bladed Fury is out now with killer looks at slashed price

Super-stylish platform hack n' slasher Bladed Fury is out now. Heavily inspired by Muramasa: The Demon Blade on Wii and undoubtedly cribbing a bit of Vanillaware's painterly art-style, it's a gorgeous bit of Chinese mythological stabbery. A sword-swinging princess is accused of murdering her father, so goes on a quest to address this injustice by stabbing everything in her path instead, including all manner of…

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Unheard’s “Acoustic Detectives” are great listeners

They say that justice is blind, but it's just the detectives in Unheard, a recently announced "audio driven detective game" from NEXT Studios. Looking a bit like a 2D take on Return of The Obra Dinn with a dash of nineties psychic detective TV, players are out to solve a series of seemingly unrelated but linked crimes by listening in on the past. Unlike Obra Dinn,…

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Platform brawler Bladed Fury is looking sharp in its latest trailer

I will always be a sucker for a stylish, combo-heavy platform brawler, and Bladed Fury is reminding me pleasantly of Vanillaware's Muramasa on the Wii and Vita. Set in ancient mythological China, a princess attempts to clear her name against accusations of murder by stabbing a lot of people, apparently. In amongst its lushly drawn human villains there's demons and skellingtons to be battered, or…

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