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Ex-Star Wars Galaxy Designer Talks NGE

Who invented the phrase Om nom nom, anyway? Was it Ste? I'll be pissed off if it's Ste.

Ooh, this is interesting. I came across this mess when digging out links for the Sunday Papers. Dan Rubenfield is an Ex-Sony Designer, relevantly a veteran of Star Wars Galaxies. He’s gone into detail about the story behind the New Game Enhancements – the infamous NGE – and candidly explained what was going on, what went wrong and why it was necessary. The one on his site is considerably more measured than what was originally posted – stored by SWG fans – where he’s a little sharper, advocating that those who only want to rant that He Ruined Star Wars Galaxy should go and perform the act of fellatio upon a phallus. Om nom nom, indeed.
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