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Duke Nukem Taking Forever: So What?

Put up your dukes.
I’ve been a full-time games journalist for close to a decade now, and it amuses and surprises me every time I think that Duke Nukem Forever was already a delayed and mysterious thing when I joined this dark fraternity. We were making Duke Nukem Taking Forever jokes back in 1999, for Christ’s sake.

Of course, that’s one reason why I eye-roll a little at the general scorn that surrounds the game. I’m bored of Duke Nukem jokes as much as I’m bored of waiting for Duke Nukem. More so, in fact. 3DRealms are acting like creators in control of their own destiny, for better or for worse. We’re acting like…

Well, “Vapourware”. It’s a fascinating, vile phrase which stinks of misplaced entitlement.
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