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FireShock Infinite: No-One Has To Die

Everyone? No, no-one.

Reality is mutable. The universe is not one, but many. In one existence, an Alec Meer types these words. In another, he drinks a cup of tea. In a third, and one I wish I was in, he types these words whilst drinking a cup a tea. Like BioShock Infinite, free browser puzzler No-One Has To Die toys with how the concept of alternate realities can create game mechanics (no, I’m not spoiling Binfinite, you all know what Elizabeth’s Tears do, for heaven’s sakes), but this one’s a more sideways, and violence-free, take on it. Essentially, there’s a fire in an office. You, as an unseen visitor able to fiddle with the security system, can close doors and activate sprinklers to try and contain the fire. But every time, someone has to die.
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