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A CryEngine RPG, Because Those Are Words People Like

This is a game called Cradle, but not this game called Cradle. That’s going to cause issues, isn’t it? Perhaps the various developers should have a cradle off. Each of them is given a screaming baby to hold, and whichever one sees the child’s damnable wailing cease first gets to call their videogame ‘Cradle.’ I’m like a latter-day King Solomon, me.

The Cradle I’m posting about here is an RPG built in CryEngine, and currently singing for its $350,000 supper on Kickstarter, with $60k-ish in hand already. While it has something on an unproven team behind it, it is both rather pretty and making the kind of bold promises that people sit up and pay attention to. “Making sure that player agency is at the heart of gameplay,” for instance. Buzzzzzzzzz!
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