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The (Crowd-Gamer) Bargain Bucket

Right, I do believe Lewie and his henchmen are all away this weekend, so we’re all going to have to come up with our own deals! I know, what a mess. But we can probably muddle through. Right so how does this work… Well, GamersGate Summer Sale is on, and Precursors is only £5.99. Open-world sci-fi thing. I wrote about it here. That’s probably my deal of the week or suchlike. Oh, Dungeon Keeper 2 popped up on GoG – that is a minor classic for cheap. Borderlands GOTY edition is 75% off on Steam, but I can’t recommend it unless you have a chum to play co-op with. UPDATE: Good call from the comments on cheap copies of The Witcher 2.

Anyone got any other suggestions? Gosh, I bet you are all playing DXHR this weekend, anyway.

Bargain Basket: Arcen games for the cheap

The Tidalis logo didn't fit, but that is on sale too.
It’s Saturday, so that means it’s time for another…..Hang on, it’s not Saturday! Never mind. The lovely folk over at Arcen games have just sent word that they are lopping off an entire 60% off all of their games. Not only does buying DRM-free direct from the developers come with a free warm fuzzy feeling deep in your belly, but in this instance you can (optionally) also use the code you get from Arcen to register the games on Steam if you prefer. Best of all worlds. Read the rest of this entry »

Oh. Yes. Lewie Is On Holiday.

So there’s no Bargain Bucket. Oof. Perhaps we can have a go at filling in between us. Er, I will go first: there’s 75% off Mirror’s Edge on Steam. I mean I wasn’t a huge fan of the game, but that seems like one of those price-points were I can say “okay, I don’t care about the combat or dodgy story, just *look* at that visual design”. The running and jumping is quite good, also.

Anyone else?