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Notch vs Unlimited Detail

That's not unlimited. Why, it's only 600 pixels wide

Mr Minecraft himself, Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, isn’t at all impressed by Euclideon’s bold, bewildering claims of an ‘unlimited detail’ graphics engine. And he’s not talking about that voiceover guy – he’s talking about the engine itself, and alleging that it isn’t really what it claims to be. So he’s broken down why in great detail. Caution: science. Also, videos.
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Minecraft’s Endermen Are Creepy, Blinky

One of the most disappointing things to realise in life is that there are no original ideas. Just the other day I was blathering about how games should have teleporting enemies and wouldn’t it be cool if more stuff blinked about to get into melee combat with you… And lo, just a few days later, Notch announces a new teleporting baddy for Minecraft. That said, Notch’s idea gets better: The Endermen are tall, spindly beasts that slowly move blocks around the landscape. Rest your reticule on them and they turn to look at you. Then, when you look away again, they come charging and teleporting across the landscape to attack you. Freaky bastards. Notch explains in a recent blog post: “I made it passive until you looked straight at it. And that was scary. Suddenly you could walk up to these looking beasts (they’re three meters tall) and watch them as they moved their blocks around, but as soon as you happened to look straight at them, they’d attack.”

The Endermen are part of the forthcoming adventure update. I can’t wait.

Minecraft To See “Experimental Gameplay”

Notch has previously mentioned that he’d like to have “monster towns” in Minecraft, but today he described what he’s expecting to put into the 1.8 update as “npc villages”. I’d imagine these will be much the same thing, but perhaps the idea has moved on and we’ll get more than just a monster hub? Interesting possibilities there. If survival mode is missing anything, it’s someone to trade your crafted wares with. It’d be really something to be able to trade up a load of lesser resources for diamond or something. Notch’s teaser post also mentioned that 1.8 will contain “at least one new mob, some interesting new combat mechanics, a new lighting engine… interesting farming, bigger incentives to explore.”

It’s looking like quite the update, but is clearly going to take some time to appear, too.

Getting Pist: Video Of Minecraft 1.7’s Pistons

I'm posting it! No need to get pushy.

Notch has released a video of the pistons that’ll feature in Minecraft update 1.7, aka the Adventure Update. I’m well aware that this only barely scrapes into the category of “news”, but then I realised how easy it would be to come up with a headline pun and that was that.

Besides, after watching this video I’m now convinced that I (finally) want to start fannying around with elaborate redstone circuity. Just look at this.
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Minecraft 1.7 Will Be The ‘Adventure Update’

Megaman really is the least mega of men. Look at him there, bellowing in his underpants

Here we go. In an E3 roundup on his blog, Notch has announced that the upcoming 1.7 patch for Minecraft will be the ‘Adventure Update’, and will be the first step along the road of turning Minecraft into… well, an actual game.

Lest we forget, the Minecraft that we all know and love is still in beta, and is really only a test bed for everything that Notch has planned for it. More details after the jump.
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Roll Up, Roll Up: Minecraft 1.6 Patch Arrives

Paper-thin design, that.

Slowly spreading mushrooms, dead shrubs, doors that make noises that everyone else can hear and paper maps? It sounds like Alec’s flat, but in fact it’s the Minecraft 1.6 patch, which has now gone live. You’ll find the full changelog after the jump, along with the following enigmatic entry: “The record player now supports more than 15 different songs (you can’t get the records yet, though)”.

Surely the only justifiable way of getting records would be from an NPC of some kind? I mean, surely Notch wouldn’t expect you to whittle a record. Surely.
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Notch Working On Minecraft Sky Dimension

Caw, I hate floaty graphics engines.

All this work Minecraft developer Notch is still doing on his game is making it very difficult for me to maintain my mental image of him spending his days nibbling on a forest full of 5lb gummy bears. The latest revelation is that he’s building a “sky dimension”, which you can see above and in the gallery after the jump. How will you get there? What purpose will it serve? What happens if you fall off? We have no idea. But it’s looking pretty.
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Minecraft Modders Will Not Pay A Fee

No way, no sir. That’s what was decided soon after Notch posted saying that modders would be required to pay a small fee to register and download the Minecraft source code in order to make mods. The internet disagreed about whether that was going to happen, and so it did not happen.

Other details explain that the mods must not be malicious, or make money, and that Mojang retain the right implement them into Minecraft as they see fit, so as to avoid situations in which the team are forced to copy popular mods, because a mod does something their game does not.

Unclear Sky: Minecraft’s Weather Update

Not pictured: sogginess

You should have got this out in time for Christmas, Notch. Everyone knows that things with snow in sell 300014% as well at Christmas. Why release something with snow in at any other time of year? People just don’t care about snow now. Why, if it snowed today we’d all just ignore it, because it wasn’t Christmas. That’s how we roll.

And this is how the new weather effects in Minecraft roll. Oh, what a link!
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Minecraft Has A Release Date Wait What?

Minecraft is going gold. Do you see? Do you see?

You haven’t really been playing Minecraft for the last two years or so. You’ve just been imagining it – a wish-dream of an amazing free-form building/aventuring game that might one day exist, if only fate is kind enough. All those months, clicking hollow-eyed at hillsides that weren’t there, screaming about green monsters no-one else could see. You’ve made a fool of yourself. You should be ashamed.

The good news is you can stop pretending this November, when the game known as Minecraft is finally released. On the same day as Sykrim, in fact…

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Interview: Notch On The Future Of Minecraft

Notch, surrounded by the luxurious Mojang offices.

In the last of our Mojang splurge for now, comes a revealing discussion of what comes next for our favourite blocky digging game. While visiting Mojang’s headquarters, I took the opportunity to ask Markus ‘Notch’ Persson about his future plans for Minecraft, as well as some more immediate plans for Scrolls.

Below you can find out why Notch thinks Minecraft will sell more copies in 2011 than 2010, what it’s like to have some money, plans for quests in Minecraft and the villages of NPCs who could dispense them, and how a survival mode might work. Oh, and also why Notch doesn’t think he’ll be the one to develop Minecraft 2.

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A Day In The Life Of Minecraft Creator Mojang

Jakob and Notch looking at houses with saunas. No, really.

With exclusive access to Minecraft creators Mojang, I spent a day with Markus ‘Notch’ Persson and his team in their Stockholm offices, from the first meeting of the morning to the Friday afternoon’s booze and gaming relaxation. With kebab in between. Notch talks to us about how he came to be in the position he’s now in, his intentions for Minecraft and Scrolls, and the philosophy behind his game development. I also speak to his colleagues Jakob Porser and Carl Manneh, find out how the team deals with player feedback, their passion for transparency, and Notch’s plans for games after he’s completed Minecraft.

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Notch Reveals Plans For After Minecraft

The face of a man wondering if he should have said that.

In a story appearing later today on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Minecraft‘s creator, Markus ‘Notch’ Persson reveals that rather than developing Minecraft 2, he has three ideas for development once Minecraft is complete. With the blocky phenomenon intended to be finished by the end of 2011, and Scrolls being developed by others at Mojang, Persson’s mind is already pondering the possibilities for what might come next. And with an unfailing need to say every secret he has out loud, he tells us how he wants to make a “nerdy” space trading simulator, a real-world town simulation game, and a fantasy version of Football Manager. No, really. Find out more in a truncated extract from our exclusive Day In The Life Of Mojang feature, below.

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Thanks For Screwing The PC Over, Genuinely

I had a chat (registration required, and yes I’ve heard every argument against that) with Markus ‘Notch’ Persson for my day job recently, and was rather taken with one particular observation he made about the current state of PC gaming. To crudely paraphrase: the big publishers pissing off to console because they thought the PC wasn’t as lucrative as platform as they’d like actually turned out to be a good thing.

With all the sound and fury of big, PC-specific, graphically intensive games gone, there was space for something new – something better, I’d argue – to come through. Leading on from that, I’d like to thank the graphics card companies for making such a right royal mess of the PC. I’m not being sarcastic. They did us a favour.
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Markus ‘Notch’ Persson Talks Minecraft

Let us in! It's cold!

As Minecraft fever still possesses the internet, we grabbed creator Markus “Notch” Persson to ask him about the experience of going from hopeful indie developer to ruler of the gaming universe. What’s it been like to go through all those changes that accompany success? He tells us what difference (or lack of a difference) money has made, the experience of starting a company, and plans for in-game video recording. And why he’s not ready to retire just yet.

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Wurm Online: Notch’s Past Project

Ah, pastoral bliss. Then you turn around and there's a spider eating your balls like chicken nuggets. That is Wurm Online.

A “friend” managed to make me feel like a huge tool in the pub yesterday when he informed me that Notch, indie developer of MineCraft fame, programmed another java game called Wurm Online before he made MineCraft. That’d be the Wurm Online that I wrote about heavily on this very site, not to mention the heavy piece of NGJ I wrote on it that amounted to a kind of dark age Deliverance.

In a nutshell, if you take MineCraft, make it massively multiplayer and swap the twee tone and fast pace for a gritty, ambitious medieval saga, you’ve got Wurm Online. If it sounds interesting, that’s because it is. You can start playing for free right here, but be warned. If you go expecting proto-MineCraft, you’re in for some pain. This is a very different beast.

Goldminecraft: Lovely Notch Is Lovely & Rich

So sez the money-minded onlooker, anyway, though I imagine there’s some room for adjustment.

According to one-man Minecraft wonder-king Notch, he’s currently selling a Minecraft account every three seconds. Which in itself is about the greatest “that’ll show you, creators of identical, soulless brown-grey games about shooting soldiers” I can imagine, but on top of that it means he’s earning $13.30 a second. Or $15,000 an hour, Texyt calculate. Or, $300- 350,000 a day.

A day. A day. A day. A day. A day. A day. A day.
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Mine, All Mine: MineCraft Free Weekend


Like the sound of MineCraft? Still too stingy to part with €10? Waiting on a paycheck?

As of an hour ago MineCraft’s account verification servers collapsed under the weight of a sea of new customers. You can’t currently buy the game or log in to MineCraft’s account verification servers. Proving his status as an amazing human being, MineCraft developer Notch has since turned off said account verification, so for as long as it takes him to get some new servers up and running (a few days, by the sounds of things) anybody can download and play the latest version of MineCraft for no money.

Gentlemen? Go and enjoy yourselves.

EDIT: OK, so it looks like the MineCraft auto-update servers are currently being flattened by everybody in the world. It might take you several/many tries to successfully load the game client.

PayPal Freezes MineCraft Dev’s 600k Euros

What's in the castle? Money, I suspect.

Sadness. According to a post on MineCraft developer Notch’s blog, PayPal have limited access to his PayPal account due to “a suspicious withdrawal or deposit”. That’d be the same PayPal account people drop money into when they buy MineCraft. In the post, Notch says that there’s more than €600,000 in there, and if PayPal decide something untoward is going on they’re going to keep that money.

This news comes hot on the heels of Notch stating his intent to use that money to start his own development studio, which could only be a huge boon for PC gaming. “I’m sure I’ll get it sorted out,” says Notch, “but this is kind of frustrating.”

In PayPal’s defense, a PC indie developer racking up 600 thousand euros is pretty suspicious, albeit only in a “What brand of racehorse steroids did Notch import that made him this amazing” kind of way. Notch! Our hearts and prayers are with you. Thanks to RPS reader Dan Lowrie for the heads up.

Minecraft Dev To Start His Own Studio

Minecraft developer Markus ‘Notch’ Persson is “Hiring some people, getting an office, and all that!” He recently blogged to say that he’d be continuing to work on phenomenal co-op building game Minecraft, while at the same time starting another project with a close friend. Not only that, but he’ll be doing all the other stuff associated with running a studio, too.

I will be the main developer, and I will keep working on it just as I have now, but there will be people supporting me, such as an artist, a web site developer and a business guy to help sort out all deals and make sure that things like the Creeper plushies actually happens.

Splendid news.