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Sok-Stories is a cute ‘n’ easy game-maker tool

If you ever tinkered with Klik 'n' Play back in the day, or you just fancy doodling a game out in minutes, you might be delighted by the Sokpop Collective's new Sok-Stories. It's a quick 'n' cute game-making tool where we draw sprites in a wee MS Paint-y way, add them to scenes, whack in simple logic, and away you go. It's more a game-doodler…

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Feature: Duck duck goose

Players react to videogames in unexpected ways, and scary edutainment games prove it

When you move to a new house, items you have long forgotten get shifted from the back of a drawer and into your hands. This is how Duck City ended up in front of me. A game from the earlier years of my childhood, Duck City was designed by children’s author and illustrator Alan snow and released onto PC in 1996. It’s a collection of…

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Blocky Boris Announces London Games Festival

Updated to add a bit more about how the funding/investment is expected to filter along with regard to the UK games industry outside London. The London Games Festival is being revived and will take place in early April. April 1-10 to be precise. The festival is part of a wider three-year programme and aims "to do for London what Fashion Week has done for the…

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