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Alien Nation: Going ‘Nowhere’ With Duangle

This is the latest in the series of articles about the art technology of games, in collaboration with the particularly handsome Dead End Thrills.

A mindbending, mesh-distending life sim set in some vast alien abyss, Nowhere is awesome in the way Spore once was before it mutated into an existential Happy Meal. No such danger with this game, though, the husband-and-wife team of Leonard and Sylvia Ritter [together known as Duangle] now deep into a project that’s content, much like its shape-shifting ‘Nowherians’, to evolve naturally. Quite how it manages to map Maslow’s hierarchy of needs onto a universe full of amoeba people is just one of countless irresistible unknowns.

It’s a weird ecosystem, though, this modern crowdfunding. Almost every aspect of Nowhere’s development is exposed to its potential players – not least its developers who have to adapt to the demand for public alpha builds; competitive promo art; and their unique brand of trippy, nervy video newsletters. Read the rest of this entry »

Organism Grinder: Nowhere Is Evolving

Nowhere, as Jim noted, is conceptually staggering. It’s a life sim with a cast of procedurally generated abstract organisms, which grown to 800 metres in diameter. They can contain other creatures within their cavities and hollows. Indeed, they can contain entire societies. The latest alpha release contains the first iteration of the creature generation software, allowing players to explore three entities, which represent the same lifeform at different stages of its existence.

If all that sounds distractingly odd, let it also be known that you explore the gargantuan creatures by means of a grappling hook. Video below.

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Nowhere Might Be The Most Ambitious Pitch

Developer Duangle have set up a crowd-funding effort – via Humble Store – for their extraordinary first-person abstract life sim, Nowhere. I implore you to go and watch the pitch video, which I’ve put below. Even if it doesn’t convince you to back the project, you have to see this. I won’t say any more, because this is one of those moments where a developer does something that speaks entirely for itself, and you just have to know about it. Go look.
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Right Here: Nowhere

What is this? Developers Duangle explain: “NOWHERE (formerly known by its working title name “Project Ginshu”) is an independently produced surreal sandbox exploration game we are building. It will feature elements of strategy, construction, farming, puzzling and adventure set in a post-singularian universe. Witness the unraveling of a visual acid trip through an impossible space, filled with exotic shapes, geometric patterns and appropriate soundscapes, cocooned by the people who brought you Masagin.”

Okay. Watch the videos. UPDATE: new teaser video.
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