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Nvidia Ampere: everything we know about Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series so far

It's only been a month since Nvidia lifted the lid on their next-gen Ampere GPU architecture, but the internet is already awash with rumours about the release date, specs and price of their upcoming next-gen RTX 3000 graphics cards. As well as an RTX 3080 spotted in the wild, there's also been talk that the expected RTX 3080 Ti will actually play second fiddle to…

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The internet’s convinced that Nvidia are cooking up an RTX 3090 with 24GB of VRAM

Rumours about the upcoming line-up of Nvidia Ampere RTX 3000 graphics cards have intensified this week, as the latest internet gossip suggests that the expected RTX 3080 Ti won't be the graphics card sitting at the top of the Ampere foodchain. Instead, it's going to be the RTX 3090, according to new leaks from German tech site Igor's Lab, which is apparently going to have…

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This leaked Nvidia RTX 3080 design sure looks funky

When Nvidia unveiled their next-gen Ampere GPU architecture last month, they didn't mention hide nor hair about when we'll see it in a consumer RTX card. However, if the latest leaked images of Nvidia's next-gen GPUs are to be believed, the RTX 3080 could be a lot closer to release than we might think. And hoo boy does it look weird.

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Everything you need to know about Nvidia’s Ampere GPU reveal from GTC 2020

Nvidia didn't announce the hotly rumoured RTX 3080 Ti today, but they did reveal where their new Nvidia Ampere GPU architecture will be landing first - and that's in their new A100 data centre GPU. The A100 system board is that giant graphics card Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's had stashed away in his oven the past couple of days, and features eight GPUs connected by…

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Nvidia have cooked up the world’s largest graphics card ahead of their big Ampere reveal today

Nvidia are holding their annual GTC conference this afternoon, where it's widely expected that they'll unveil their new Ampere GPU architecture for their next generation of RTX 3000 GPUs. I'll be tuning in at 2pm BST (6am PDT) to find out all about it, but in the mean time, here's a video of Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang cooking up the world's largest graphics card in…

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Nvidia Turing graphics cards reveal set for August

After months of speculation and a will-they-won't-they game of leaked and delayed release dates, Nvidia look set to finally reveal all about their upcoming RTX cards this August. There's a chance we may hear about them formally beforehand, of course, especially if the current rumours about a GTX 1180 Founders Edition appearing next month are to be believed, but whatever happens, the program outline for this year's…

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Are graphics card prices finally starting to come down? GTX 1080s haven’t been this cheap since Black Friday

Is it... is it nearly over? Has the time finally come when I can stand firm, brandish my credit card and... buy a new graphics card? After what seems like months, nay, years of over-exaggerated price inflation due to all of today's best graphics cards being like sweet, sweet honey to would-be cryptocurrency mining bandwagoners, graphics card prices might actually be starting to drop - and about time, too.Case…

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Nvidia’s Turing graphics cards apparently delayed AGAIN

Normally, delays are considered a Bad Thing, but as the great graphics card price crisis rumbles on, it's not like any of us actually have any money to upgrade our PCs anyway, so the later, the better, really, when it comes to hardware.Indeed, the latest gossip appears to suggest that the latest crop of RTX graphics cards won't be here until the autumn now, after previously being tipped for a…

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Maybe Nvidia won’t be releasing their new Ampere/Turing graphics cards at GTC 2018 after all

Earlier this week, the hot goss on the graphics card grapevine was that Nvidia was going to launch its new, next-gen line-up of GeForce GTX graphics cards at this year's GTC 2018 conference later this month. Dubbed RTX, these cards would replace Nvidia's current range of 10-series cards, such as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 etc, with a brand-new, potential 20-series or maybe even…

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