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Stealthy stellar sandbox Objects in Space is hiding in early access

objects in space

Objects in Space is a stellar sandbox that treats spaceships not as nimble dogfighters but like sneaky submarines trying to fly under the radar in a slice of space full of pirates, organised crime and corrupt governments. Sounds like a real home away from home. It just landed in Steam early access today.

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Objects in Space blasts off early next year

Objects in Space

Not long now until you get to sit in the cockpit of your own floating Cold War submarine-inspired spaceship, because Objects in Space [official site] is coming out early next year. Before now it didn’t have a publisher, but 505 Games have decided to bite.

If you haven’t heard about it before, it’s an open-world “stealth-action” space game that thinks the ships in other space trading games are too fast and nippy. They should instead be big, bulky, and look like they’ve come straight out of the ’70s. So, you sit behind a retro cockpit, try and stay off other ships’ radars by hiding in asteroid belts and, if combat can’t be avoided, take them out from long distance.

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Alt.Ctrl.GDC: a joyful celebration of brilliant controllers

Alt.Ctrl.GDC - vinylOS

One of the best, most joyful parts of GDC is Alt.Ctrl.GDC – the section of the show floor dedicated to alternative control methods for games. This year was no exception and I played games using a laser lyre, a box of sand and a bookshelf to name but a few. I think my personal favourite might have been the Calvin and Hobbes-inspired Spacebox [official site] where the player clambers into a massive cardboard box and treats it like a spaceship, leaning to and fro, hitting a tinfoil button to fire and wearing a metal colander with pipe cleaners on it as a space helmet in order to enjoy the human PEWPEW noises coming from the headphones hidden inside.

I feel like that one was my favourite because it did an absolutely amazing job of yanking childish glee out of all the players I saw using it as well as the people watching. I would happily have spent the whole morning in that box and was not-very-secretly disappointed when my time was up. If I hadn’t had an appointment to get to I would probably have asked whether I could do some helpful colouring in on the sides of the box or help make backup spaceships from their stash of emergency replacement boxes and duct tape.

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A Look Inside The Objects In Space Cockpit

Objects In Space [official site] is the upcoming space trading game from Metrocide developers Flat Earth Games. They’ve just revealed the game’s first footage trailer that labels it a “stealth space trading game where you’ll navigate your ship as though it were a submarine, instead of fly it like it were a plane.” In practice, this means far less outlandish physics in the skies and more considered, meticulous strategy in the engine room.

What’s more, Flat Earth reckon you can build your own ship consoles to work with the game, if that’s what you’re into.

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Low-Fi Space Trading: Objects In Space

Make it so (press the button).

It’s awfully exciting when spaceships zip blasting their zapguns and looping de loop, but if you like your space action tense and preferably entirely avoided, you might fancy keeping an eye on Objects in Space [official site]. It’s a space trading game heavy on long-range encounters and stealth, more lurking nuclear submarines than dogfighting aircraft. All we have to go on for now is a handful of screenshots showing a ’70s sci-fi style and some descriptions of plans, but what plans!

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