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Have You Played… Odallus: The Dark Call?

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If you remember a time when character sprites took up what seemed like half of your screen real estate, and action was solid and punchy, Odallus: The Dark Call [official site] will feel like going home, to a simpler place. The first game I played from Brazilian developers JoyMasher was Oniken, a hard as nails retro action affair that reminded me of Battletoads in its willingness to kill me over and over again. Odallus is reminiscent of another series – Castlevania – but its gothic horrors are nowhere near as challenging as the cyberninjas of Oniken. They’re far more rewarding though.

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Odallus: The Dark Call Gets Blood Boiling Veteran Mode

If you’re into bastard-hard 2D retro platformers, you may have enjoyed Odallus: The Dark Call [official site] earlier this year. Against the waves of pseudo-old school throwbacks that have spawned over the last few years, Odallus not only captures the late 80s/early 90s ala mode Castlevania-esque aesthetic with aplomb, it backs it up with genuine challenge, solid platforming and thoughtful AI. If you missed it before, it’s well worth a bash. If you beat it before, developers JoyMasher have just released a ‘Veteran Mode’ in a free update. It’s tough. Bloody Hell, it’s tough.

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Older Than Old-Skool – Odallus: The Dark Call

You know it's NES-inspired because it as a minecart section.

What wonderful gems there are hidden in the bowels of the RPS hivemind/CMS. Just behind the mechanism that pumps melted down Generation One Transformers into Alec to keep him awake¬†for the 763rd day in a row, nestled in a nook of the great million monitor machine from which Alice observes all of human civilisation with a slight, knowing smile I found the cassette tape containing a trailer for Odallus: The Dark Call. It’s grainy and battered but clearly shows a classically inspired platforming RPG filled with ghastly ghouls, terrible ghosts and big swords held by big men. It’s from JoyMasher, who you may remember from similarly retro but more robot-filled¬†Oniken. I’ve been listening to that trailer music for a full 20 minutes. Odallus details below.

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