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The Last Night gets new trailer and the creator apologises for old tweets

The Last Night [official site] was revealed at Microsoft’s conference yesterday. It looked great, but that first trailer was focused on showing how the game’s world looked more than how it played. Now there’s a second “gameplay” trailer of sorts which… Mostly focuses on how the world looks, rather than how it plays. It is longer however, and it does give a better sense of how you move through the game’s stunning pixel art cyberpunk spaces. You can watch it below.

Perhaps more importantly though, the game’s appearance at the PC Gaming Show gave creative director Tim Soret the chance to address the anger attracted by some of his old tweets.

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The Last Night is a post-cyberpunk cinematic platformer

When I wrote about The Last Night, an entrant to the cyberpunk game jam in 2014, I said that “I badly want a whole game set in this universe.” Well, here it is. The Last Night [official site] was revealed via a trailer during last night’s Microsoft E3 conference, and the other things I said about the jam game are true, too: it still looks like pixle art Flashback crossed with Blade Runner.

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