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Banana Manshoot: Offensive Combat Now In Open Beta

Offensive Combat is a quite a silly thing. Where other shooters clamber aboard Call of Duty’s coattails and ride cheerily into the gaping, graybrown maw of thematic singularity, it whips out banana people, eyeball people, and… basically a lot of things that shouldn’t be people, but are anyway. That said, its pop-culture-laden zaniness doesn’t always hit the mark. Case in point: “Pwn”-ing people is a game mechanic. Still, though, gaming’s broswertopia tomorrowland frontier doesn’t have much in the way of quality shooters, and Offensive Combat’s taking the next step in gunning for that throne with an open beta.

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Ex-Call Of Duty Head On Business Vs Innovation

Recently, I got the chance to play a few matches of upcoming browser-based F2P multiplayer shooter Offensive Combat, and all told, I had a nice enough time. I ran, I jumped, I beat a man to death with a hunk of ham. Everything – a basic array of weapons, modes, experience unlocks, etc – functioned pretty much exactly as it was supposed to. Problem is, that’s all it did. Even the game’s “zany” sense of humor came across as relentlessly calculated, seeking refuge in the evergreen arms of “pwning” (an actual game mechanic in which you dance over an opponent’s body for extra points), mash-ups of tried-and-true game settings, and pop culture references. U4iA CEO and former Call of Duty co-founder Dusty Welch, meanwhile, has no qualms with admitting that his latest project is steeped in business trends and careful analysis first and foremost. But he also adamantly contends that this style of game development doesn’t compromise creativity.

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Ex-Call of Duty Folks Debut F2P Offensive Combat

Does that man on the far left have bird feet, or am I going mad?

When I saw the title “Offensive Combat,” I got really excited. Would I be offending my foes until their poor hearts became physically incapable of taking it any further – relentlessly barraging them with all manner of incredibly personal insults and hatefully ignorant comments about the things they hold dear? No, as it turns out. I’ll be doing nothing of the sort. But I will be shooting them! I suppose that’s a fairly offensive action, isn’t it?

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